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Dear MTFF Followers,

It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that we will not be staging any more Merry Tom Folk Festivals.

We are proud of the festivals that we have organised. Our aim was always to stage quality music in an environment that was attractive, friendly, safe and had all the necessary facilities and we achieved that.

However it costs money, time and effort to make that happen. We have never received more than a small amount of outside funding from sponsorship or donations and the events have been organised and run by a core team of three with full time day jobs  supported by a small number of brilliant volunteers. Our stewarding and other services were provided completely free by the Jesus Fellowship.

We salute everyone that has given time or materials for free, you all know who you are.

Despite this, festival infrastructure costs many thousands of pounds and if too few people come through the gates we risk being unable to pay our suppliers. Luckily so far we have just managed to pay our way.

Alas we can do it no more. After last year’s event, that was very poorly attended, we  do not have the resources to stage another event and we are not prepared  to risk being thousands of pounds out of pocket if nobody buys tickets

We thank everyone that has attended over the years. We hope you had a great time and we know the artists all appreciated playing to great audiences at our gigs. We hope to see you around at other gigs but for now cheerio from MTFF

Gary, Nod, Nick